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Dr. Green Mom Foundation

Our Commitment To Changing Lives.


donated since January 2022

Classroom Supplies, Field Trips
Scholarships, Life-long Learning
Basic Needs
Food + Personal Care, Healthcare, Housing
Women Wellness StartUps
Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
Community Youth Outreach
After school Programs, Camps, etc
Medical Equipment
All Children Deserve Mobility

Volunteer Efforts & Donations

Camp for kids and adults with disabilities
June 11-15, 2023
Rolling Rascals
This is a totally free camp designed for individuals to experience self-directed mobility and communication in a fun, interactive outdoor environment. Incorporating technology to support participation in meaningful activities is the primary focus.

Donation Requests

Dr. Green Life™ is happy to support groups/communities and non-profit organizations with an in-kind donation of Dr. Green Life™ high-quality vitamins whenever possible. If you’d like to request a donation, please fill out our request form.