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Infants & Kids Probiotic

Infants & Kids Probiotic

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Promotes a Healthy Microbiome & Supports Developing Neurological and Immune Systems ✝︎
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Most Commonly Used For:
  • Gut Health
  • Microbiome
  • NeuroImmune Health
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NeuroImmune™ Probiotic for Infants & Kids is a potent high CFU and hypo-allergenic blend of 10 carefully selected species to safely meet the needs of the developing neurological and immune systems in infants and children. REFRIGERATE UPON ARRIVAL.

  • A healthy microbiome provides essential support for balanced health of every part of the body including the immune system, brain, skin, lungs, and gut
  • This doctor-approved blend of probiotic strains was designed to support the microbiomes of our little ones through the normal ups and downs of early life
  • Unflavored powder mixes easily into drinks of all types including juices, smoothies, breastmilk, and formula
  • Physician Formulated, cGMP, Third Party Tested