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Grass Fed & Finished Beef Liver Capsules

Grass Fed & Finished Beef Liver Capsules

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Supports Brain, Immune, Systemic & Nervous System Integrity✝︎
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Most Commonly Used For:
  • Blood Building
  • Energizing
  • Nutrient Support
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Key Benefits and Actions†


Grass Fed & Finished Beef Liver capsules, by Dr. Green Mom, is the most sought after beef liver on the market. Made from grass fed & grass finished, pasture raised cattle in New Zealand. These happy cows lived their entire lives grazing in pastures. Hands down, the purest.

  • Fantastic Nutritive for Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Supports Brain, Immune, & Nervous System Integrity
  • Beautiful Source of Important Nutrients to Enhance Immune Function
  • Sometimes called “nature’s multivitamin”, beef liver is rich in naturally-occuring, highly bioavailable nutrients
  • Because beef liver is so packed with nutrients, it is a traditional first food for babies, a source of replenishing nutrition for depleted new moms, and a nutrient-boost for people who don’t eat much meat
  • Easy-open capsules mean this supplement can be added to smoothies or sprinkle over food to add an extra dose of nutrients
  • Packs a super-nutrient punch for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and our Little Kiddos!
  • Non De-Fatted & 100% Freeze Dried for the Purest Potency and Protection
  • One serving of Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Liver Capsules is approximately equivalent to one serving of fresh beef liver
  • Physician Formulated, cGMP, Third Party Tested

NEVER Antibiotics or Hormones, Pesticides, GMO’s, or Chemical Fertilizers.