Herbalism For Adults: My Top 6 Supportive Formulas For Busy Parents

A worn-out mother and father sit on a couch with their hands on their heads while two children run around the couch.

What if parents really could 'take a chill pill'?

Parenthood is an extraordinary journey, but it often comes with a multitude of challenges that leave little room for self-care, relaxation, or even sick days. Self-care is frequently preached to parents, and although we know we should be taking time to refuel, it often slips through the cracks. Herbalism is a simple way to support your own health and wellness, even during the busiest phases of parenthood!


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite herbal blends that will give you the boost you need or calm you crave.

My Supportive Formulas For Adults

1. Adrenal Me This!™

Many parents endure occasional low energy, mood swings, or stress, which can be indicative of adrenal insufficiency or burnout. These symptoms have been normalized for adults, but they don't have to be!


This formula provides potent neuroendocrine support to help you regain resilience, especially if you've been experiencing an imbalance of cortisol, serotonin, and adrenaline due to the hectic demands of modern parenting.


This powerhouse supplement features adaptogenic herbs that can reinforce the body's stress response system, offering the support you need to tackle daily challenges. In addition to powerhouse herbs, like schisandra berries, eleuthero root, cordyceps mushroom mycelia and more, a trio of Ginseng varieties in this blend jump to the aid of your HPA axis, helping you manage occasional stress and revitalize the adrenal system.


What sets Adrenal Me This!™ apart is its liquid-filled phyto capsules, ensuring ultra-potency and enhanced delivery of these vital ingredients. Backed by science and tradition, and super easy to incorporate into your daily routine, this herbal support is a parent favorite.


Note: This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

2. Adrenal & Focus™

Another herbal support for parents feeling the weight of daily stressors! This liquid formulation offers a unique approach to supporting busy parents. While both Adrenal Me This!™ and Adrenal & Focus™ aim to enhance overall wellbeing, they do so in slightly different ways.


Adrenal Me This!™ harnesses the power of adaptogenic herbs, like Ashwagandha, to provide potent neuroendocrine support, ideal for those looking to regain resilience and address imbalances caused by the demands of modern adulting.


Adrenal & Focus™ takes a similar, yet slightly different, route with its herbal blend, incorporating eleuthero root, red chinese ginseng root, american ginseng root, licorice root, ginkgo leaf, fo-ti root, codonopsis root, and fresh ginger root. This formulation is ideal for supporting energy levels, mental clarity, and focus. Adrenal & Focus is an excellent choice for those seeking to maintain concentration and vitality amidst daily challenges.


Note: This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

3. Keepin’ The Peace Kava

This single herb tonic is loved for its ability to improve mood, heighten sensory perception, and calm the mind. Keepin' The Peace Kava* is a calming remedy that helps stabilize emotions, reduce reactivity, and soothe frayed nerves, helping parents find peace when life feels chaotic.


As parents, we know all too well that 6 am can be equally stressful as 6 pm. This Kava tonic is non-sedating, making it suitable for consumption at any hour. When taken before bedtime, it can facilitate sound and restorative sleep. Something most of us could use a little more of! 


*Also available as a capsule.


Note: This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

4. Take A Chill Pill™

If you asked parents if there were times they wished they could take a chill pill, I bet the vast majority would respond with a resounding yes! Well, we put our heads together and came up with liquid herbal capsules formulated to provide daily support for stress management and optimal brain health.


As parents, we are the thermostats of our homes. Our kids tend to mirror our energy, so a calm mom or dad can be the difference in maintaining a calm home. The herbs within this formula work harmoniously to induce relaxation and support a restful state of mind. With powerful herbal ingredients, like ashwagandha root, lemon balm herb, bacopa herb, passion flower herb, rhodiola root extract, and holy basil leaf extract, you know you’re getting a whole lot of chill in every pill.


Note: This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

5. Nature Profen

I wish it weren't so, but the truth is that as parents we rarely get to take sick days. Gone are the days of binge-watching a show in bed when a headache strikes. Instead, we’re most likely powering through with throbbing heads or achy backs. Here’s where Nature Profen™ comes in! This formulation supports a calming response when you’re feeling tense or achy, all while supporting healthy circulation. 


Note: This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

6. Immune Support Max

Dealing with viruses and germs comes with parenthood. There is a simple and time tested way to support our own wellbeing while in the midst of cold and flu season! Herbs like echinacea have been used since the 1700s for immune support, and there are records of ginger being used as a healing aid for over 5000 years (1,2). Immune Support Max uses ancient wisdom and modern science to bring this time honored herbal support to you.


This supplement is not just for prevention. You may increase the dosage if you're feeling under the weather to receive extra immune enhancement precisely when you need it most. Immune Support Max helps you can bounce back quickly to the superhero parent that you are!


As wonderful as parenthood is, it rarely leaves time for self-care. So, what if parents really could ‘take a chill pill’? We’ve formulated six herbal formulas that address fatigue, mood swings, stress, and the rigors of modern parenting. These remedies promote resilience, mental clarity, and overall well-being using the best that nature, ancient wisdom, and modern science have to offer.



1. Hostettmann K. (2003). Geschichte einer Pflanze am Beispiel von Echinacea [History of a plant: the example of Echinacea]. Forschende Komplementarmedizin und klassische Naturheilkunde = Research in complementary and natural classical medicine, 10 Suppl 1, 9–12.


2. Bode AM, Dong Z. The Amazing and Mighty Ginger. In: Benzie IFF, Wachtel-Galor S, editors. Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition. Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press/Taylor & Francis; 2011. Chapter 7. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK92775/

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